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Why Choose Fly Trap?

Why Organic Fly Traps

Why Choose FlyTrap?

Why do We Need Fly Trap Solutions in India?

Since 1998, India is unbeatable in its milk-producing capabilities and has ranked first among all the other milk-producing nations. Milk production has been rapidly increasing over the years. If we look into the statistics, from 1950 through 51, India has shown milk production of about 7 million tones, which has boomed to 176.4 million in 2017-18. As there is a lack of viable options for the control of house flies, which are continuously breeding and feeding on the cattle, it has always been a hot topic among dairy producers.

House flies attack the cattle in two ways:

  • Biting & Blood Sucking
  • Transmitting Deadly DiseasesFlies Affecting Dairy Cattle

In these two ways, house flies can transmit diseases into the cattle and make them infectious. Taking preventive steps, we can get rid of the house fly’s breeding and feeding on the cattle. Our company offers housefly traps for several outdoor uses, including poultry farms, dairy farms, stud farms, cattle farms, garbage centers, gardens, and vegetable markets, zoos, and sports grounds. It is obvious to find house flies and blowflies wherever there are excreta or decaying and rotting materials.

By knowing proper usage of the house fly trapping systems, one can get rid of the house flies from anywhere.

Here are some useful tips that should be ensured while trapping the house flies or blow flies:

  • Housefly traps are specifically for outdoor use with a defined goal to keep flies away from the centers or homes or anywhere where it might affect human health. Placing traps from 10- 30 feet away from the house/ office/ farms can help give augmented results and can no longer affect even the outskirts of your house.
  • If the conditions and flow of the wind are in favor of the trap, then the flies can get attracted from a distance of 30-40 feet also.
  • The housefly trap also addresses its sister breed, blowflies. The baiting system lasts longer than the ordinary one. Hence, it caters to attract a broad range of species at once.
  • To drown the already trapped flies, one needs to fill the water level to the trap solution, as water is necessary to drown the trapped flies.
  • Flies like to roam around in the heat, light, and slow wind. Therefore, keeping the traps in the same conditions can trap a wide range of flies at a single time.
  • Flies do not show symptoms of slumbering until and unless their temperature reaches a level of 65 degrees. Hence, wait until the desired body temperature and react accordingly because anything below this temperature would not be of any use.
  • House flytraps are reusable. You have to clean the trap once it is filled with flies, dump all the existing contents, re-bait it, and add water till the desired level. The trap is now as good as new and ready to be used.

The Types of Flies

Diseases and Parasites

Unlike all other insects, flies also have categories that give birth to different types of diseases and the cattle’s health and subsequently affect the quality of the produce.

There are three major types of flies that can cause an issue in the working of the production and manufacturing units:

  • Horn fly: These flies are also called as the Siphona Irritants. They cause a waste of energy and interfere with the feeding and breeding habits of the cattle. According to the study conducted by the US Department of Agriculture in 1945, Beef cattle are heavily infected by the horn flies, and it can cause an average loss of 50 pounds of beef cattle as compared to the treated cattle.
  • In another study held in the year 1947 by the University of Illinois, it stated that protected dairy cattle produced 10-20% more milk products than the unprotected cattle.
  • Stable fly: This type of house fly is also referred to as stomoxys calcitrans, which also behaves the same as the horn fly. This insect believes in the disinfecting of cattle with its vector and interferes with cattle feeding. It causes a waste of energy with the help of its harmful substances.
  • Housefly: The commoner among all the other kinds is the house fly, also known as Musca Domestica. It shows its existence wherever the cattle exist along with filth and serves as an intermediate host of certain internal parasites.

Importance of Organic Fly trap systems

The organic house flies trapping systems are much more conventional and harmless compared to the chemical ways of trapping flies. The use of excessive or even a bit of chemical substances and sprays on the cattle or the product can be harmful to animals and humans. Thus, our company designed and manufactured a product that supports the organic way and has been proven to be an organically secure trap and does not involve any harmful components that can cause further loss to the cattle or the people.

These two methods of trapping systems, the chemical-based house fly trapping, and the organic trapping system, have been in constant competition throughout the market.

If we go through a small statistic of a female fly, we will get to know about the number of eggs a female fly lays in its life span of two and a half months, which is approximately 600 to 1000 eggs. They have been proven to be more dangerous than the male flies because of the above stated apparent reasons. A female house fly can produce 12 generations of house flies in its whole life span. This concludes that a single female fly can be responsible for thousands of other flies in that area. Not only for cattle or other animals, these house flies are very harmful and transmit diseases to humans also. Diseases like cholera, malaria, typhoid, anthrax, dysentery, trachoma along with others are given birth just by the touch of a housefly to the human body.

Why Choose FlyTrap?

In this era of modernization, people believe more in chemically based materials and phenomena than organic ones. But we assure you with the organic house fly trapping system. You will get assured results within a brief period. By listing some of the benefits of the organic house fly trapping system over the chemical-based trapping systems, we ensure the quality of the product.

  • Without even touching the bait or the flies, you will experience effective results using our house fly trap product.
  • These traps are easily disposable and reusable as and when required.
  • The users have to add an appropriate amount of water into the bait to get started, and gradually you will see that a bunch of flies is trapped.
  • A straightforward and hassle-free technique is used to install the trap, which is understandable to every individual.
  • Despite being organic, this trapping system shows results that are effective and long-lasting.
  • All the Flytraps offered by us are non-pheromone based. Hence, they attract and catch both male and female Flies.

The Varieties of Traps

There are three ways to protect the cattle from being infected:

  1. Chemical sprays: These are the chemical pesticides that are sprayed over the cattle to get rid of the flies but can harm the cattle and their productivity of producing milk.
  2. Pheromone Traps: These are the traps made up of chemical attractants and kill flies within a distance of 30- 40 feet when kept in the cattle’s outskirts. These traps also harm the cattle due to the chemical involved.
  3. Non-Pheromone Traps: These are the organic house fly trapping systems to catch flies near the cattle field or our houses. Because it contains zero chemical attractions, this type of trapping system does not pose any threat to the cattle’s productivity or health.

Chemical-based sprays and attractions allow many other harmful diseases to spread to the cattle and are not recommended by anyone. These likely have adverse effects on the cattle involving the targeting of useless organisms, less effective as an overall method.

Organic Solution to Housefly Blowfly Filth fly

Hence, Organic house fly-trapping systems should be used to avoid any toxic substance prevailing inside the cattle. Our company understands the belief that a client invests in us and avails our products, and we, FlyTrap, ensure that trust and belief are intact.

The process involves basic easy to follow steps:

Easy to Follow Steps of Organic Fly Trapping System by FlyTrap

And as the product is fully organic, there is no harm done to the environment. Stay worry-free when it comes to getting rid of flies with our product. Let this tested and proven organic fly trapping system do the work while you focus upon your business growth. 

We provide PAN India delivery. Still in case you have any questions about our fly traps, we would be glad to answer and assist you in any manner we can. 


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