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Farmer Awareness Program held in Government Cocoon Market Ramanagara

Farmer Awareness Program in Government Cocoon Market RAMANAGARA, Karnataka

A farmer awareness program was organized in the Government Cocoon Market in Ramanagara, Karnataka.

Era of Uzi Fly-Free Sericulture

Mr. Gaurav Aggarwal, the founding director of, successfully organized a Farmer’s Meet in Ramanagara to generate awareness among the silkworm rearing and sericulturists about the serious threat of uzi fly infestation. Ramanagara is a popularly known as the “Silk Town” of India. India is the second largest producer of raw silk in the world. Government Cocoon Market is famous for its quality cocoons resulting in some of the best silk producing silkworms in the country.

Silk Farmers Awareness Program Ramanagara 7
Silk Farmers Awareness Program Ramanagara

The Problem

However, uzi fly infestation causes destruction the whole sericulture industry. Uzi flies lay eggs on silkworms. When these eggs hatch, the hatchlings feed on silkworms and kill them. And with this, the only source of income for the sericulturists is destroyed.

Farmers Awareness Program Ramanagara 1
Farmers Awareness Program Ramanagara, Karnataka

The Solution

In order to eradicate this issue, has come up with a revolutionary product: Organic Fly Traps. The fly traps offered by are compact in size, fully organic, and can catch both male and female uzi flies. This drastically reduces the fly population in the vicinity these fly traps are installed.

Silk Farmers Awareness Program Ramanagara 9
Silk Farmers Awareness Program – Mr. Byraju Suresh explaining the process of uzi fly trap installation

The Event

Mr. Gaurav Aggarwal explained the dangers of ignoring uzi fly infestation and introduced organic disposable fly traps to the farmers. Mr. Byraju Suresh, on of the respected official distributor of organic fly traps at also discussed the problems of the farmers.

Farmers Awareness Program Ramanagara 3
Farmers Awareness Program Ramanagara – Free Uzi Fly Trap Disctribution

He also explained the easy process of installing fly traps in silkworm rearing farms. At the end of the program, free uzi fly traps were distributed among the farmers to inspire them to use fly traps to solve uzi fly problem in their farms. Overall the Silk farmer awareness program was a success with a lot of the farmers educated about the issue and how to install uzi fly traps to get rid of the uzi flies.

Organic fly traps comes in set of 3, set of 6, set of 9, and box of 81 packaging. You can place the order online as per your requirements. The links are provided below.


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