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Introducing the Uzi Fly Trap: The Organic Solution for Effective Fly Control

Are you tired of constantly battling with annoying flies in your farm? Look no further! presents the revolutionary Uzi Fly Trap, an organic and highly efficient solution to tackle fly infestations. Our innovative fly traps are designed to target both male and female flies, including houseflies, blowflies, Uzi flies, horse flies, filth flies, and more. Say goodbye to pesky flies with our non-poisonous, non-toxic, and chemical-free disposable fly traps.

Organic Disposable Fly Trap Bag for Uzi Fly



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Why Choose the Uzi Fly Trap?

Silkworm Rearing and the Impact of Uzi Fly

Silkworm rearing is a delicate and intricate process, and the presence of Uzi flies can have detrimental effects on silk production. These tiny pests can pose a significant threat to silkworms, leading to reduced silk yield and overall productivity. Uzi flies are known to lay their eggs on the silkworm larvae, which hatch into maggots that feed on the silkworm’s body fluids. This parasitic infestation weakens the silkworms, making them susceptible to diseases and even death. As a result, the quality and quantity of silk production are severely compromised.

To safeguard the silkworms and ensure optimal silk production, it is crucial to employ effective fly control measures such as the Uzi Fly Trap by By implementing this organic solution, silkworm farmers can protect their valuable silk-producing insects from the destructive impact of Uzi flies, promoting successful sericulture and preserving the integrity of the silk industry.

At, we understand the need for an effective and safe solution to combat fly problems.

Uzi Fly destroys the Sericulture Industry by attacking on the source: Silkworms. The Uzi fly lays eggs inside silkworms, which hatch inside them and eventually lead to their demise. This parasitic behavior of the Uzi fly causes significant harm to the silkworms, resulting in their death. The eggs hatch into maggots that feed on the silkworm’s body fluids, weakening them and making them vulnerable to diseases. Consequently, the presence of Uzi flies poses a grave threat to the health and survival of silkworms, ultimately impacting silk production.


Our Uzi Fly Traps offer several benefits that make them the perfect choice for fly control:

  1. Organic and Environmentally Friendly: Our fly traps are made from organic materials, ensuring they are safe for your family, silkworms, and the environment. We prioritize sustainability and promote eco-friendly practices.
  2. High Fly Catch Rate: The Uzi Fly Trap is designed to attract flies using a specially formulated lure. Once inside, flies are trapped and unable to escape, resulting in a high catch rate. Say goodbye to bothersome flies buzzing around your space.
  3. Easy to Use: Setting up the Uzi Fly Trap is a breeze. Simply hang or place it in areas where flies are most prevalent. No complex installation or maintenance required.
  4. Versatile Set Options: We offer various set options to suit your specific needs. Choose from the following:

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Experience the Difference: Effective Fly Control with

With our Uzi Fly Trap, you can achieve a fly-free environment without resorting to toxic chemicals or harmful pesticides. Say goodbye to the nuisance caused by flies and enjoy a clean and hygienic space for your family, livestock, or business. Our fly traps are not only effective but also contribute to sustainable sericulture, farming, dairy farming, and pest control practices.

Don’t let flies take over your space any longer. Order your Uzi Fly Trap today and take the first step towards a fly-free environment. Place your order now!

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Organic Disposable Fly Trap Bag for Uzi Fly