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Pesky Flies Disrupt India’s Key Dairy, Poultry Industries

Fly Control measure using fly trap in a dairy farm

For dairy and poultry farmers, the bane of their daily routine is the unending buzz of pesky flies tormenting the cows, buffalos, hens and chickens. Exasperated, the farmers lament that the pests make milking a misery and spread diseases that causes harm to the livestock and cut productivity. It is a constant fight and even after taking strict measures to keep the area clean, flies always find a way in.

Across India’s sprawling dairy sector and poultry farms, this struggle is all too familiar. Houseflies are more than just an irritant – they drastically undermine animal health and food safety, according to experts.

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Flies spread bacteria like E. coli, Salmonella and diseases like mastitis and pink eye in cows and fowl cholera in poultry. Their ability to carry pathogens from waste to feed and food products risks contamination and spoils milk, eggs and meat.

Lumpy Skin Disease prevented by controlling flies by using fly trap by
Lumpy Skin Disease
Bovine Keratoconjunctivitis Pink Eye
Bovine Keratoconjunctivitis Pink Eye
Pesky Flies Disrupt India's Key Dairy, Poultry Industries FlyTrap
Fowl Cholera in Hens

Beyond transmitting disease, the relentless nuisance of flies also hampers productivity indirectly. The constant irritation causes stress, reduces feed intake and impacts milk yields or egg numbers. [1]

Achieving sustainable control remains an uphill battle in the country’s largely small-holder dairy and poultry operations. Insecticides and pesticides cannot provide a prolonged solution as flies rapidly develop resistance to these. Besides this, the pesticides affect the health of livestock and humans as well.
We at offer a compact size, highly effective fly trapping solution in India. Organic disposable fly traps are able to target both male and female flies and control the fly infestation and their reproduction. This way our fly traps are better than insecticides in controlling pesky fly issues. [2]


  1. Trap Both Male and Female Flies (The bait is non-pheromone based that attracts both flies)
  2. Completely Organic and Non-Toxic (Bait/Lure is chemical-free, organic, and the fly trap bag is eco-friendly)
  3. Does not harm animals and humans
  4. Compact in Size enables easy installation and disposal
Pesky Fly Control with Minimal Effort in Poultry Farm
Pesky Fly Control with Minimal Effort in Poultry Farm

As India’s dairy and poultry sectors aim to boost production to feed a growing population, reining in the persistent fly menace is key to ensuring safe, contaminant-free food supply chains. It may seem trivial, but managing the fly problem is critical for both our farmer’s livelihoods and food security for our nation.

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Order Organic Disposable Fly Traps today and Solve Your Pesky Flies Problems

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