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Eco-Friendly Fly Control Solution: Organic Fly Traps

Targeted Fly Control Measure Better than Insecticides

Organic fly traps offer an eco-friendly approach to controlling fly infestation in dairy, poultry, sericulture, piggeries and fisheries, and in open restaurants, parks, gardens, and garbage centers as well. Organic non-pheromone fly traps are non-poisonous and trap both male and female flies.

Houseflies are a big nuisance to dairy farms, poultry farms, silk farms, horse stable owners, fisheries, milk production plants, and garbage centers [1]. Even the open restaurants, society gardens and parks are not untouched by this serious issue. Serious because this not only create an itchy buzz around the livestock and human beings, but houseflies are a vector to many diseases. Therefore, the need for an eco-friendly fly control solution has never been pressing.

Organic Fly Traps: A Game Changer

Order Organic Disposable Fly Traps today and Solve Your Fly Problems brings you a unique fly control device that trap flies without harming the environment. The organic fly traps are:

  • eco-friendly,
  • non-toxic,
  • non-pheromone based,
  • chemical free,
  • compact in size,
  • only need water and sunlight,
  • easy to install with minimum requirements, and
  • easy to dispose off when full

Science Behind The Fly Control Solution

The secret to success of organic fly traps lies in two things – the lure or bait inside, and the fly trap bag itself.

  • Fly Lure / Bait – The fly bait or lure attracts both male and female flies and is made of organic material. It is tested and patented in USA. The bait is chemical free and only used to attract the flies, not kill them.
  • Fly Trap Bag- A compact size container to have the bait safely inserted inside, the fly trap bag hold the flies once they are attracted to it. The size of the bag and the opening on the top is made in such a manner that the flies-male and female, once enter, cannot exit the bag. They are trapped inside. And as the bag is eco-friendly, once full, you can easily close it and dump it responsibly in green dustbins.

Easy Step-by-Step Process of Using Fly Traps

  • Open the cap at the top by twisting it in anti-clockwise direction.
  • Fill the water inside up till water fill line clearly indicated on the bag.
  • Place the organic fly trap bag in the area infested with flies, with ample sunlight
  • The bait activates in 24 hours and starts attracting flies.
  • Once the bag is full, close the cap by twisting in clockwise direction.
  • Dump the fly trap bag responsibly in a green dustbin.

To note, higher the fly infestation, more fly trap bags needed to get rid flies. Organic fly traps are a significant step towards logical and safe fly controlling solution when compared with the chemical-based traps and toxic pesticides that are being utilized [2]. Flies develop resistance to chemicals rapidly and thus chemical baits and pesticides are no good. In fact, they affect the surrounding environment and livestock.

Organic fly traps prove that we can tackle fly infestation issues without causing further harm to our already fragile environment. Call or WhatsApp us at +91-9811000194 to order and test them for yourselves.

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