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Organic Fly Trap Launched in Bengaluru -Press Conference and Dealer Meet

Non-Toxic, Organic Fly Trap Launched in Bengaluru to Combat Houseflies, Blowflies, and Uzi Flies

On February 13, 2024, in Bengaluru, a revolutionary product named “FlyTrap” was introduced to address the persistent issue of houseflies, blowflies, and Uzi flies. These tiny pests pose various problems, spreading diseases, contaminating stored food, and breeding rapidly with up to 12,000 eggs laid by a single female in just 2.5 months.

The urbanization-induced decline of natural predators like lizards and frogs has led to an unchecked rise in the fly menace. Traditional methods, such as insect repellents and toxic pesticides, have shown limited success, leaving people searching for a user-friendly, non-toxic, organic, affordable, and easily accessible solution.

Product Details:

FlyTrap, a globally tested and trusted fly killer, has now made its debut in India. Manufactured and marketed by, this 30-year-old US-developed product is tailored for Indian conditions.

Benefits of Organic Fly Traps

  • The organic fly trap launched in Bengaluru is highly effective in trapping both male and female flies thereby resulting in halt of the fly reproduction system within days.
  • Designed to specifically target flies, its non-toxic organic formula is harmless to other animals and humans. Users simply need to add a glass of water to the potent mixture, hang the disposable bag in an open space, and watch as it attracts and eliminates flies over 30 days, collecting the dead flies in its bag.
  • The biodegradable and easy-to-use bag can be effortlessly replaced when filled, providing a convenient and eco-friendly solution.
  • This innovation is particularly aimed at transforming micro-businesses in rural and semi-urban areas, where 68% of India’s population resides.

Check out what one of our dealers have to say about our organic fly traps:

The cost-effective FlyTrap box, containing three bags, is priced at Rs 999/- per box, with an introductory offer of Rs. 699/- per box. Mr. Gaurav Aggarwal, CEO of, emphasized the urgent need for an effective solution to combat fly-related issues in sectors such as Sericulture, Dairy, and Poultry. Flies contribute to various problems, such as diseases in dairy animals, harm to silkworms, and unhygienic conditions in poultry farms, affecting both birds and residents nearby.

Organic Fly Trap Launched in Bengaluru Disposable-Fly-Trap-Set-Of-3

FlyTrap, introduced in India in 2009, gained significant momentum in 2019, expanding its reach beyond poultry and dairy farms to include sericulture farms during the COVID-19 lockdown. Mr. Aggarwal outlined the developmental plans for FlyTrap bags, foreseeing immense potential in India. Manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in New Delhi under the license from the US parent company, FlyTrap Bags are currently available through the official website,, as well as on e-commerce portals like Amazon and Flipkart. The product is distributed in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu, with plans for aggressive expansion to other states.

The company has invested heavily in sales network growth and digital outreach, aiming to make FlyTrap a key player in the ‘Make-In-India’ initiative. For more information, contact FlyTrap at ☎ 098186 47283 or ? FlyTrap is committed to making a tangible difference in India’s rural economy by addressing the persistent issue of flies, ensuring progress that is faster, better, and healthier for everyone.

Available in 4 Different Offerings

To conclude, the organic fly trap launched in Bengaluru is really compact and can be installed within minutes. And once full, one can easily dispose them as the bag and the bait inside are totally organic and eco-friendly. Contact us today and get rid of flies.