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Farmers Meet at GCM Kolar Karnataka Department of Sericulture

Farmer's Meet Government Cocoon Market Kolar, Karnataka

Introduction of Organic Fly Trap and its Benefits to Silk Farmers

21st June 2024

On 21st June 2024, in a Farmers Meet at GCM, Kolar, Mr. Gaurav Aggarwal, the Director of and Mr. S.N. Srinivas, Deputy Director, Department of Sericulture, Government of Karnataka, along with Dr. J.B. Narendra Kumar, Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles. Govt. of India, and Mr. B.M. Shankare Gowda, President, Kolar Sericulture Farmer Producer Company Ltd. explained the benefits of installing organic fly traps.

Farmers Meet at Government Cocoon Market Kolar Karnataka FlyTrap

At the Farmers Meet at GCM, the team discussed about the uzi fly infestation problem and how crucial it is to get rid of them. The silk farmers were made aware of this revolutionary product that can get help them get rid of uzi fly infestation – a serious issue in the sericulture industry.

A Brief about the Industry and its Problem

India is the second largest producer of raw silk in the world. A lot of people are connected with this industry. With the problem of uzi flies, many of the farmers, big or small, lose their precious silkworms – the source of their income, to uzi flies. Moreover, they apply chemical sprays or poisonous pesticides to get rid of uzi flies which harm the silkworms too. Not only that, the chemical sprays and pesticides works only for one or two applications as uzi flies develops resistance to them.

Farmers Meet at GCM Kolar Karnataka Department of Sericulture FlyTrap

The Solution – Organic Fly Trap

The fly traps offered by are organic, chemical-free, and non-poisonous. The bait inside only attracts the uzi flies inside the bag and the bag itself does not let them escape.

The most beneficial thing of organic fly trap is that because they are non-pheromone based, the bait attracts both male and female flies. This stops the reproduction system of uzi flies and thereby rapidly reducing the infestation problem.

After a long discussion and rounds of explanations regarding the problem at hand and organic fly trap as a solution to uzi fly problem, fly traps were handed over to the silk farmers for free to encourage the use of organic products in place of harmful chemicals or expensive, and in many cases, not so feasible electronic devices.

Non-Toxic Uzi Fly Trap for Sericulture Industry
Non-Toxic Uzi Fly Trap for Sericulture Industry

Choose organic uzi fly trap to safeguard your valuable silkworms for a better yield and business growth. Contact FlyTrap at +91-9811000194 or place an order online on the website. Free door delivery is available across India.

Set of 3 fly traps:

Set of 6 fly traps:

Set of 9 fly traps:

Carton of 81 fly traps:

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