Set of 5 Organic Fly Trap Baits for Outdoors

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  • Set of 5 Organic Fly Trap Baits
  • Used in Conjunction with our reusable Fly Trap Buckets
  • Each has a life-cycle of 30-40 Days
  • Activation Time – 24 hours
  • Get rid of Flies in – Cattle Farms, Dairy Farms, Poultry Farms, Stud Farms, Vegetable Markets, Garbage Collection Centers, Sports Grounds, Zoos and Gardens.

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Organic Fly Trap Baits are the most effective measure for controlling Flies – be it Farm Flies, Filth Flies or Horseflies. Used in conjunction to our Reusable Fly Traps, Just place the bait inside the fly trap bucket and add water as per the instructions line provided. Hang the trap to the outdoors and let it run its course naturally. The organic fly trap baits not only trap male flies but also the female flies responsible for the exponential growth of flies in an area. Targeting the female flies directly hampers the reproduction thereby effectively controlling the population.

Each bait works for 30-40 days. It takes 24 hours to activate the solution inside the trap.

You need to keep track of the water inside the trap, every week or 10 days. In case you find that the water level has reduced, you need to add some more water until it is up to the water level mark.

Once the cycle is over, dump it without needing to worry about the harmful effects as it does not have any. It is completely organic, therefore, does not harm any organic life – be it soil, plants, animals or humans.

Organic Fly Trap Baits End User Segments:

  • Poultry farms
  • Cattle farms
  • Stud Farms
  • Vegetable Markets
  • Garbage Collection centers
  • Dairy Farms
  • Sports Grounds, Zoos, Gardens

Install the organic fly baits and get rid of flies once and for all.

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