Reusable Fly Traps Non-Toxic

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  • Reusable Fly Traps
  • Can be used Multiple Times
  • Just Add Water and Add the Packet of Bait Inside
  • Repeat after a month

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Reusable Fly Traps are made of plastics, and you can use it multiple times. You just need to add water inside the trapping system and put a packet of bait in it. And you can repeat it after a month, once the cycle is over.

End Use segments for Reusable Fly Traps:

  • Poultry farms
  • Cattle farms
  • Stud Farms
  • Vegetable Markets
  • Garbage Collection centers
  • Dairy Farms
  • Sports Grounds, Zoos, Gardens

We at develop safe, effective and economical pest control products for outdoor use. Our products include disposable and reusable fly trap bags, yellow jacket (European Wasp) traps and proprietary non-toxic, non-poisonous attractants.

Fly Traps are the fastest way to stop your place to get destroyed. It is really simple to use and environment friendly. Trap Flies without touching the flies.

The Baits are USA patented and and the product has been lab-tested and proven effective on both male and female flies.

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