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Organic Fly Trap – The Solution to Your Pesky Pest Troubles

Organic Fly Trap - The Solution to Your Pesky Pest Troubles FlyTrap

Organic Fly Trap – Get Rid of Flies

Current Scenario

We still have not come a long way from our 1950s economic policies. We hope to be independent in terms of food security. That is the sole reason why FCI maintains large food centers, in the event of national shortage. That is why, even in the 21st century, 61.5% of the Indian population is dependent on the agriculture sector.

So, these 799,500,000 people require assistance in the form of protection from flies that can potentially decimate their entire produce. Considering the humongous loss that flies or any other disease that can destroy a farmer’s production can cause, it becomes the society’s responsibility to serve these farmers with adequate pest controls to save their hard work. The protection provided regarding getting the farmers, or the individuals involved, safe with their products, should not only limit farms but also to every place where the production is linked and done.

Major Farms – Source of Economic Growth

All sorts of farms require pest control for routine maintenance and prevent the crops from harming. These include poultry farms, pig farms, dairy farms, stud farms, etc. among others, which contribute to the growth and wellness of society as a whole.

Poultry farms:

Poultry Farm in India

Originated in the era of agriculture, poultry farms are a form of farms that performs animal husbandry resulting in rising domesticated birds inclusive of ducks, geese, chicken, and turkeys. These birds then produce food by laying eggs and providing meat.

Pig farms: 

Pig Farm in India

These types of farms also come under the branch of animal husbandry. For livestock, domestic pigs are raised and bred because they further support many different farming styles. Pigs are useful creatures for their skin and food, which is why they are farmed extensively.

Dairy farms:

Image of a Cow in a Dairy Farm in India

Long-term and lasting production of milk products and milk are done by dairy farming. It is the most elegant form of agriculture, which is also used for producing further dairy products.

Stud farms:

Stud Farm -

Stud is the collective noun used for the herd of horses, and therefore, this style of farming also breeds horses for life-long livestock. It comes under the industry of animal husbandry.

These are some of the mainstream farms that are responsible for economic growth. These should be monitored for any threat so as to control or eradicate any such threat on time before it reaches us.

The Threats

Image of a Housefly on a Wood Plank -

Like any disease that can be a significant threat to the production, flies can also come into the picture posing equal if not more significant damage to the farms. Flies sit around dirty and harmful materials in the surroundings and become infectious and poisonous for agriculture. Roaming flies can cause massive loss to the overall place of farming by spreading diseases that are transferred by them. Knowing the nature of flies, it isn’t easy to catch them and make them stay away from the field. But an alternate has been designed by the company – FlyTrap.

After coming into existence in 1994, FlyTrap directed its way towards the safety and protection of people distressed over the significant losses in production. FlyTrap produces secure, constructive, and reasonable products and solutions, strictly limited for outdoor use. The pest controls can be maintained with the help of numerous products, each of them developed in FlyTrap. Our company has a substantial and supportive client base with a wide range of products, resulting in significant market capture. Our products involve:

  • Yellow-jacket Traps
  • European wasp
  • Proprietary non-poisonous and non-toxic attractants
  • Bag flytraps which are reusable as well as disposable

Our production centers and manufacturing units lay their emphasis primarily on companies based in the USA having a private label. We manufacture our fly traps organically in such a way that it can be used in households or any commercial establishments as well. Our fly traps have also proved to be appropriate in malls, offices, shopping complexes, hotels, gardens, sports ground, farms, and several other places. Aiming at international markets, we have now captured hold over several US-based and multi-national. FMCG companies, most of which we provide with our products, and they further sell them under their company’s brand name. Frank Lesniak, the owner of the company, wishes to spread its operations in India. In the USA, the company is placed in Media, Pennsylvania. 

The Need of Trapping House Flies

Image of a Housefly - Get rid of Flies - Fly Trap

Nobody in our nation ever wants to talk about the devastating state that 2020 has left us into because of the outspread of this destructive virus, COVID-19. The ongoing pandemic has made us realize the importance of a safe and healthy environment. We all know that COVID-19 is spread through the transmission of droplets from one individual into another and is, therefore, a waterborne disease. Since the reporting of a considerable amount of cases in a day regularly due to the virus outspread, it can also be said with much assurance that many such kinds of diseases are prevailing in our society but have not yet been detected. Insect transmission and airborne transmission are yet under wraps and are bound to come out soon if the person doesn’t look after their belongings with sincerity.

We are well aware of the causes of the house flies becoming infectious but still not contributing to the development. Virus transmission can quickly occur through house flies. House flies roam around in the surroundings and sit on various poisonous substances like stools of cows or dogs; it creates a disease for all of us, maybe one’s we never even have heard of. The same fly, which is sitting on these excreta, then sits on the food we eat, and hence the food is no longer safe for us as it is already infected by the dirt and toxic materials present on the fly. Subsequently, the death count is rising due to the emergence of insect transmission in the environment.

House flies can be a significant source of problem for the general population compared to several other insects and rodents about the environment. House flies, without a doubt, are attracted to cattle and animals, which are majorly reared for feeding the people. They very often sit on the decaying matter or feed on rotting material around the area, which spreads a wide range of harmful diseases.

Unlike mosquitoes, house flies don’t bite a person but are long vectors of spreading harmful diseases. Flies cause different threats to different animals, including dairy cattle and poultry farms. They suck the blood of the animals and bite their skin, which enhances the diseases they cause. Protected cattle can be around 10%-20% more productive and effective in delivering milk than cattle, which is in direct contact with the house flies. By always sitting and biting the cattle and other agriculturally linked animals, the flies increase the cattle’s chance of being infected and degrade their productivity. The urgent understanding of prevention issues is of utmost necessity here. Otherwise, the house flies could create a bigger mess than we could ever imagine.

How FlyTrap can Help

Image for Fly Trap - Launch of Housefly Trapping Systems in India

Resolving all these issues, FlyTrap came up with a design of a product that catches the house flies very efficiently, causing no harm to the cattle. The house fly trapping system being monitored by the company enables the farm owners to save their cattle’s health from this overcoming disease. Organic fly trapping system saves the cattle from any chemical substance coming in close contact with them, which in return keeps the quality of the milk products intact. This Housefly Trap is strongly recommended to be used only outdoors and is completely harmless.

Organic Fly Trap - The Solution to Your Pesky Pest Troubles FlyTrap

The primary goal addressed through the house fly trapping system is to trap the flies within a distance of 30-40 feet. For establishing control, this trapping system is made for both male and female flies because of which population of flies can be supervised. The trapping system is purely organic and is way more effective when compared to the chemical-based trapping system. Just like one defected apple in the basket can destroy all the other apples. Likewise, one female fly can be held responsible for the entire population of the flies. Not only are cattle or poultry animals harmed due to excessive population of the flies, but humans can also be the direct victims of disease transmission if they come in contact with these poisonous flies. Diseases like malaria, cholera, typhoid, anthrax are examples where an individual can lose his/her immunity and metabolism, owing to these flies.


Thus, it has become the need of the hour to secure our people and cattle with the products of FlyTrap. We offer disposable as well as reusable flytraps for the convenient usage and handling of the same. Due to hassle-free installation, many people adopt house FlyTrap trapping systems in their farms or nearby surroundings. Acknowledging our company’s baiting capability, a person will realize that they no longer have to worry about the range of area being catered to by the trap.

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