7 Major Issues Caused by Uzi Flies in Sericulture Industry


Maggot Infestation

Uzi fly larvae (maggots) burrow into silkworm reducing silk production quotient


Reduced Quality

Maggots damage silkworm cocoons, affecting silk fiber quality and yield


Disease Transmission

Uzi flies can carry and transmit diseases like flacherie and grasserie, harming silkworms


Reduced Growth

Maggot feeding weakens silkworms, hindering their growth and delaying cocoon production


Stress on Silkworms

The presence of uzi flies can stress silkworms, weakening their immune system making them susceptible to more diseases


Silkworm Mortality

One uzi fly can lay upto 300-1000 eggs which kills 100s of silkworms


Difficulties in Disinfection

Once infested, it is difficult to get rid of the uzi flies as they are resistant to insecticides and the chemicals harm silkworms

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