7 Reasons Why You Need Disposable Fly Traps in Your Dairy Farm


Protect the Health of the Cows

Flies can spread diseases among cows, such as mastitis, foot-and-mouth disease, and  bovine viral diarrhea.


Improve Milk Quality

Flies can contaminate milk with bacteria. Fly Traps can help to reduce the number of flies which can help to improve the quality of your milk.


More Pleasant Working Environment

With no Houseflies, your employees at work feel more relaxed and the environment is pleasant leads to growth in work efficiency


Reduce the risk of spoilage

Flies can contaminate milk and fodder. They also lay eggs on manure that can attract other pests as well.


Comply with Regulations

Some regulations may require dairy farms to take steps to control the fly population.


Organic and Safe

FlyTrap Disposable Fly Traps are organic and non-toxic, so they are safe to use around cows and other animals.


Easy to Use and Dispose

FlyTrap Disposable Fly Traps are easy to use and dispose of, which can save you time and money.

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