facts about houseflies


1. disease carriers

Houseflies carry a variety of pathogens on their hairy bodies, including bacteria, viruses, and parasites. 

2. filth feeders

Houseflies breed and feed in filthy places like garbage dumps, sewers, and animal waste.  

3. vomiting defecating

Houseflies regurgitate digestive juices onto their food, liquefy it, and then suck it up.  They also defecate frequently 

4. reproduce rapidly

A Single Female Fly can lay upto 1000 eggs in her lifetime

5. multi-drug resistant

Houseflies develop drug resistance pretty rapidly making them harder to control

6. they bite !!

Not in the traditional sense, but they scrap the skin to suck the blood and bodily fluids

7. disrupting sleep

Constant buzzing can disrupt sleep which irritates them resulting in lower yield 

8. food spoilage

Houseflies can contaminate food with harmful bacteria within minutes

9. resistant to harsh environments

Houseflies can survive in harsh climates.

10. hygiene nightmare

Houseflies can survive in harsh climates.

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