Disposable House FlyTrap

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  • Can be Used for One Time
  • Life – 30 to 40 Days
  • Just Add Water up to the Water Level
  • Hang it using the string attached
  • Activating Time for the Solution – 24 hours
  • Manual Included
  • For Bulk Prices and Discounts, Contact us
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Disposable House FlyTrap can be used for one time. The life of the trap is 1 month to 40 days. It is very simple to use, as you just need to add water to the water level and hang the trap with the help of the string attached to the trap. It takes 24 hours to activate the solution inside the trap. You need to keep track of the water inside the trap, every week or 10 days, in case you find that the water level has reduced you have to add some more water until it is upto the water level mark.


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